Remodeling and Home Design
Gary Douglas - Fixer Of Things

Having experience in several different industries has afforded me the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills including all phases of home maintenance/repair from the foundation to the roof, as well as finish trim work and painting. See Services for a complete list. Have something around your house that needs repair/replacement? Just call me, I can help.

My experience also includes operating my own professional window cleaning business for quite some time. Services include inside, outside, and cleaning of screens. Surprisingly, most people never realize how dirty the windows in their home are until they have them cleaned once. The reason for this is due to the very slow accumulation of the dirt on the windows ;-). Schedule one cleaning and you will be hooked. I GUARANTEE you will see a difference! Have a ripped screen? Broken window? Just call me, I can help.

Having worked in the tech industry for quite a while provided me with much experience in most facets related to computers including setup & repair, and wireless network installation and repair. Need to setup that new iPhone or iPad? Computer running slow? Just call me, I can help.

I also posess experience in the disaster restoration industry. More specifically water damage mitigation and mold remediation. My experience pertaining to water damage mitigation allows me to competently examine specific areas of your home to determine any potential "weaknesses" that could lead to a water damage event, as well as make recommendations to help prevent water damage events in your home.

Best of all, I'm local!