Windows Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you use Windex and paper towels?
Answer: No. I clean windows professionally. Using Windex and paper towels is a sure way to leave streaks and lint on the windows after they are clean. The use of scrubbers and squeegies is the best way to get the window the cleanest. "Tilt-In" windows are never titled in during cleaning either.

Question: How often should I have my windows cleaned?
Answer: Typically, I recommend the windows being cleaned once in the spring to get you ready for summer and then again in the late fall to get you ready for winter. During the fall cleaning, I like to leave the screens out of the windows and store them somewhere for winter. This will give you a completely unobstructed view during the winter months AND keep the screens clean over the winter, when they typically get dirtiest. This also allows the windows to remain cleaner longer because the weather will not "push" dirt off the screen onto the window.